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Reverse Redlining 101
The laws, systems, and prejudices of the United States have long made it difficult for marginalized people to acquire housing and build financial stability through real estate. ​​​​​​​
Even when people overcome these challenges and own property, threats to their rights don’t go away. The term “reverse redlining” has come to describe a whole arsenal of discriminatory tactics used to repossess property.
The Video
Behind the Scenes
The Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana wanted to use two different reverse redlining court cases to educate the public on this issue. Spaceflower Video and I teamed up to produce the piece.  

challenge 1  We did not have images of the actual people or properties involved. 
challenge 2  Many of the concepts are abstract. What do loan products, equity, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and legal damages LOOK like? What do they FEEL like? 
While these stories sound bureaucratic on their face, policies (and lack of policies) shape individual lives. 

solution 1   We built character ”puppets” from stock photos. 
solution 2   We developed metaphors, and brought them to life with animation.
... just to name a few. Learn to spot and predatory lending for yourself and your neighbors!
Reverse Redlining 101


Reverse Redlining 101