eastbun // 
Takes care of all spring flowers and crops. Sweet tooth, especially when chocolate eggs are on the menu. Don't be fooled by the plus size belly though. He's a quick and furious beast. Avid fan of Monty Python and The Holy Grail
behind the scenes // 
lots of eggs, moss, wood and lights /
the big trio // 
or rather the big boss and two tiny helpers /
KOOLa ///
collection of custom-made characters also called figurines or art toys; all designs are original and based on a sphere (in Polish: kula - pronounced as koola); created using a pencil, 3D software, resin printer and a handful of paint, sweat and tears; the whole process was kept as environment-friendly as possible; no artificial acidic cleaners or alcohol were used // 

BONUS * source files ////
now you can print or render your very own KOOLa eastbun using the attached source file. ONLY FOR PERSONAL/NON-COMMERCIAL use. I would love if you linked back to this or my instagram profiles //

Thanks for viewing /
KOOLa | eastbun


KOOLa | eastbun