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Each Hex Gorilla (HG) is a unique hex color that will never be duplicated. That’s where the simplistic nature ends. Although the Hex Gorilla seems docile and cute, it has a bite. In Phase One, we begin this adventure with our initial launch of 100 unique HG. This initial 100 will be what we are calling the "Genesis Stage." HG's first stage, exclusive to the Talis Protocol and this stage on the Terra blockchain, will be geared towards building the community and acquiring the necessary interest to advance to Phase Two, and finally to Phase Three, where it all comes together to truly create something unique that will add value to the space.

Phase One
The "Genesis" Generation

The initial stage of HG will be fast and furious. Only 100 HGs will be produced and released to early adopters. The "Genesis" of this project will be directed towards the visionaries among us who see the potential of what can be and what is possible based upon our knowledge of things to come from the Talis Protocol. Their direction towards a PoD model will revolutionize the space, and create a whole new market that will be more sustainable than your monkey uncle’s NFT. After all, we are gorillas.

Once the first 100 unique and never-to-be-minted-again HG are acquired, the 100 lucky adopters will be immediately honored in a way that will forever enshrine them in the history of Hex Gorilla. There will never be the first 100 again, and this group throughout the entirety of Gorilla history will be forever known.

The First 100

Within this prestigious group, there will be five special recipients who will have minted the rarest HGs of the Genesis generation. They will have distinct honors bestowed upon them, including, but not limited to, Phase Two priority, Phase Three "Knighthood," and forever be the first Gorillas we come to with new features, airdrops, and promotions. This is not to say that the other 95 will be left out of the adventure. They too will be within the upper echelon of Gorilladom and have special access to what we have in store for the future.

Once the initial offering has concluded, and with the intention of it being a success, those that purchased the first 100 HG will receive another one to start you on your journey to the later stages of this project. Depending on how fast the first 100 are adopted, an additional airdrop of $UST may be added to make sure those that missed out, but showed a genuine interest, are reminded that their turn to be a part of this project is coming. (TBD)


The reward mechanics will be based solely on the initial 100 being adopted, and with the understanding that if we are somehow short of selling the 100 initial HG, then we will determine at that time the viability of continuing the project toward another better suited reward mechanic, or re-releasing another round of initial offerings. The one thing we know that we will be depending on is the community involvement. What we have seen so far, we have no doubt that our fellow artists, collectors, and initial investors will support an “out of the box,” project like ours. In return for that support, we as a community will increase the awareness of The Talis Protocol, and bring new users into our space.

After the “Genesis” 100 are adopted, we will make sure to take care of the supporters who were either too late, financially constrained, or disinterested in our project. This is a particular focus of our team because although we feel that with the right communication strategy, and some impeccable timing it will succeed; we also know that art is subjective. That not everyone in this space is concerned with the growth of community, and that a very small minority is only out for their own financial gain. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have enough wealth to take care of you and yours. We ask that small group to see past your initial reservations and think about how a successful project, or many successful projects impact the community as a whole. Increased traffic, and increased visibility will lead to everyone winning. So to support those groups unlucky enough to adopt one of the Genesis HG, we will implement other ways for you to participate in a “Supporters Airdrop,” which will be determined by the overall interest shown in ours, and other projects launching soon.  Needless to say, there will be an many opportunities to be a part of the community. The more involved, the more rewards. We see this as not just about us, but about forming a community based on collaboration and innovation. We do, however, understand that you gorillas want some $$$ to feel valued. I assure you, no matter where you fall on that scale, we will make you feel and understand that this cannot be done without you.

Phase Two
The "Awakening"

This is where things get real. The original first 100 adopters will receive an additional HG as unique as before, but enhanced with "special powers." This is due in large part to the next level of the Talis Protocol. When fully implemented, the Talis Protocol will be like no other NFT marketplace in our community.

The idea that you can generate an entirely new asset from two existing ones is not new, but the possibilities HG offers in the space are unparalleled. There are over 16 million possibilities, and although we will, once a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) can be created, limit the number of HG that can be created, it nonetheless offers endless possibilities for the community.
$Talis Token

The $Talis Token will be constructed as the native token of the Talis Protocol. Their core outline and mission can be found on their own mission statement. Their intentions to derive their own token for use within their own ecosystem lends credibility to the dedication and forward thinking nature of their endeavors. HG intends to use and promote the use of this token and see’s capabilities that go well beyond peer to peer trading.

Talis Protocol is revolutionary in it’s conception of PoD (Print on Demand) services for tokenized assets. That means artists will be able to connect directly with printing services to earn more from their artwork. It also means that Token Holders will be able to also connect and have their prized NFT printed and sent directly to them. It will be capable of producing a predesigned amount of xNFT that will directly connect them to business who specialize in printing customer logos on everything from t-shirts to coffee cups. Hex Gorilla Mugs anyone?

The wide implication of these services, and the integration of much more in the future brings to light a gap in a immensely saturated market. How do you stand out in a crowd of crowds? This my Gorilla friends is how Talis has separated themselves from the pack. This is why we chose this platform, and why we see much more in the future with Talis.


There are many plans we have for governance of our part of this community. We are looking into implementing a committee to oversee the creation and implementation of a DAO system. As soon as we have the right information to give you, we will bring you complete transparency and straight-forward rhetoric. If you have any ideas on how or why we should form this council, please send us an email at
Phase Three
Forever Hex

The Future of Hex
This is a “project in progress” as we like to say, and with breeding and creation comes other creative and unique qualities to this community. We envision a wide variety of other unique tokens becoming a part of a collective, and even see a possibility towards interconnection with social media channels, online gaming, and the list is endless.
The future of this project depends on the community to take part in something that could possibly change the way we identify each other in the community, how we raise the capital we need to explore other innovative ideas, and more importantly, it’s an avenue where we can collaborate and grow and dynamic new path in the development of defi and tokenomics.

For the better part of two years, we have been endeavoring to engage the NFT ecosystem and make an impact with our collection. The challenge was that the market had become oversaturated and out of sync. Either the popular art was overpriced, or the technical aspects were just out of reach. It seemed impractical to build a comprehensive collection and pay thousands of dollars to mint it. We went back to the drawing board after being crushed.

When we were exposed to the Terra ecosystem, we were captivated by inspiration, and our concept developed from a single modest idea. Anyone now has the capacity to form an NFT, but not everyone has the power to develop an asset. The concept that an NFT can generate or replicate resources for you is not unique. The Blockchain Cuties Universe exemplifies what can be achieved with the correct design, collaboration, and ambition. Blockchain Cuties, one of the oldest multi-chain crypto platforms, is a sophisticated, multi-layered adventure game with NFTs at its core. However, even BCU has constraints. Despite the fact that you are completely owned by the minter, you are unable to challenge them on another battlefield. There is also no option to stake your NFTs in a pool to generate tokens.

Hex Gorilla appears to be uncomplicated. There are no garish, distorted, or disfigured features. Nothing on your screen is shifting or gyrating. There really is no overwhelming excitement or FOMO here. This initiative will appear tranquil at first, but we are gorillas, and we don't do anything tame.
Hex Color Possibilities
Examples of possible Hex Color Mints

Partners & Advisors
Working in an artistic field allows you to build a network of like-minded people who will support and encourage you to achieve a level of artistry that exceeds expectations. We are grateful to have a network of incredible people who ensure our credibility and adherence to industry standards.

Jill Henson - Senior Graphic Design (NYC)
Mark John - Project Development Manager (LA)
Martha Botner - Digital Marketing Executive (NYC)
Oscar Brian - Senior Research And Development Engineer (Toyota North America)
International Color Consortium

The introduction of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has forever altered the way we use blockchain technology. From the humble beginnings of Ethereum, when the introduction of dAPPs transformed the world completely. To support the next wave of tokenized commodities, the ability to own and run something unique was the next step. To this end, the Hex Gorilla team, along with the Talis Protocol, decided it was Terra ($Luna) to develop our visions. The inherent stableness of $UST and the development environment of the Rust programmable language lend themselves to the adoption of the most innovative and ambitious projects we have seen. With low transaction fees and a robust community of early adopters, this silent sleeper chain has quietly gained a 34.32 billion market cap within the overall cryptocurrency and blockchain development arena. Ranked currently at #9 in the most valuable ecosystems in our community, it is hard to believe the Terra mainnet was launched on April 24th, 2019. While others, like Ethereum, launched years earlier on July 30, 2015, Cardano (ADA) on September 27, 2017, and going back even further, you have Tether ($USDT) in 2015, Stellar (XLM) in 2014, Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013, and Litecoin (LTC) in 2011. The world was changed forever when Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled his whitepaper title, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System." in 2008. In 14 short years, we went from being able to theoretically send money anonymously to each other to a system that is hard to define and even more difficult to keep up with its rapid development and innovation. With the mitigation and necessary relief of Ethereum’s growing congestion and almost prohibitively high transaction fees, we find the rise of layer 2 solutions like Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and X-Dai. With all this activity and various innovative projects, it’s no wonder Terra came along and changed it all.
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