Agency: Fanatics.
Chief Fanatic: Karl Gomes. 
Head of Digital Experience: Sandip Ghosh.
Head of Digital Content: Nikhil Fernandes.
Transmedia Storytelling & Design Fanatic: Anupriy Kanti.
UI/UX Fanatic: Lokesh Khemani.
Fanatic Manager & Producer: Sonal Karkera. 
Being a Job Referral Network, MyRefers welcomes you into a new age of online recruitment by making social engagement a truly rewarding activity especially for those of us who wish to help friends and acquaintances – social butterflies.
This logo expresses this metaphor by forming the shape of a butterfly. The wings accentuate the two letters signifying ‘referring’ as a mutually beneficial and cyclic act for the one that’s referring and the one being referred.
MyRefers is a platform that has spread its wings and invites one and all to create a butterfly effect in their communities.