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INKTOBER 2019 on Milk Foam
Prompt 1: RING
Dear humans, all your space research is appreciated but please don't destroy other planets in my family like you have done to me. Please stay only in the third ring, don't go out of it.
Prompt 2: MINDLESS
Mindless cutting of trees. What are we going to do for shade? Concrete?
Or this is how we'll see our trees later?
Prompt 3: BAIT
Bait for fish: worms
Bait for man:
Prompt 4: FREEZE
Keep moving or you might freeze...
Prompt 5: BUILD
The world would have been much better if we would have built on the trees and not in place of trees.
Prompt 6: HUSKY
Just a cute little Husky
Prompt 8: FRAIL
Didn't have any coffee today.
Enchanted by these seeds.
Prompt 9: SWING
Every barista's dream swing.
Prompt 10: PATTERN
A free pour 'Tulip' pattern (but actually drawn on foam cuz it's Inktober)
Prompt 11: SNOW
You know nothin' Jon Snowman.
Prompt 12: DRAGON
Charizard, an iconic Dragon for a 90s kid.
Prompt 13: ASH
When Ash turns into ash (reference to previous prompt)
Prompt 14: OVERGROWN
Welcome to the Garb-Age.
Prompt 15: LEGEND
A day without laughter is a day wasted.
- Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin
Prompt 16: WILD
Live and let live. Respect the wild.
Prompt 17: ORNAMENT
Belated Happy Birthday EMINEM
One of the most precious ornaments of the Music Industry.
Prompt 18: MISFIT
The solution is in front of us but considered to be misfit for our luxurious lives.
Prompt 19: SLING
Words or Slingshots?
Prompt 20: TREAD
Winter is coming, tread carefully in the snow.
Prompt 21: TREASURE
The La Marzocco Linea Mini!
Prompt 22: GHOST
Don't get scared!
Prompt 23: ANCIENT
A Floppy Disk.
Prompt 24: DIZZY
'Kaa' from The Jungle Book
Don't stare for too long!
Prompt 25: TASTY
We may not say it often but all of us know that we love cookies.
Prompt 26: DARK
Brewing coffee is itself an art.
Prompt 27: COAT
The fur is theirs and not ours.
Use Faux Fur and not Fox Fur
Prompt 28: RIDE
The classic Vespa.
Prompt 29: INJURED
I literally broke a cup yesterday 😣
Prompt 30: CATCH
Catch me if you can.
-The Golden Snitch
Final prompt : RIPE
Was waiting for the pumpkin to get ripe😉
HAPPIEST HALLOWEEN TO ALL OF YOU and finally here's my attempt for 'The Joker'
INKTOBER 2019 on Milk Foam

INKTOBER 2019 on Milk Foam


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