Semrush Social Media Tracker
3D Motion
Creating and posting content on social media is like a personal art exhibition. Everyone wants to get a crowd of visitors, maximum engagement, millions of views and positive comments... But for this, you need to spend hours studying the market and money testing content. Otherwise, your content risks getting lost forever somewhere in the dark basement of a social media art museum.

The solution is Social Media Tracker by Semrush. A tool that allows businesses to research competitor activity, discover the best hashtags in a niche and identify the best days to post. Learn from your competitors and take your social media success to the top.
The Team

Eugene Moskalev → producer
Sergey Sadowski → art direction, concept
Anna Yashina, Kristina Pedos → sketches, illustrations
Maria Kurochkina → lead animation, ​​​​​​​charachters & fx
George Vald, Georgii Adamiia → animation
Denis Makeev → modeling
Anastasia Leva → paid social & display design
Sergey Samoylenko → paid social & display animation
 Daruma Audio → sound design & music arrangement
Dima Zilpert → head of marketing design

Semrush Creative Agency, 2022
Semrush Social Media Tracker
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