Project: High-poly modeling
Duration: 2 days
Polygons: 7000000 polygons
Programs used: 3DS Max 2014 Design, Keyshot 4, Adobe Photoshop CS6
I was always fascinated by super-high-poly 3D models, turbosmoothed to infinity! It seems to me that they seem more realistic, and they break that barrier of "game-like feel" and breathe life into the designs. That I found me some free time, and messed around with a concept that came to my mind after watching several trailers of nowadays games such as:
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Call of Duty: Black Ops II
and to some extend Battlefield 4
In the games mentioned and in several other movies, as well as with the recent news, the key element is... drones!
Those autonomous systems tend to monopolize the support role of the soldiers in the modern era battlefield. Providing cutting edge tracking and fighting systems on a tireless platform, along with remote control & analysis.
In the design I made, the drone is supposedly developed by the Russian federation, and assigned to Spetznaz forces, providing silent support with its various instruments such as:
Tracking systems: Infrared cameras, thermal cameras, directional radar array, metal detectors, spotlights, motion sensors
Weapon systems: Quad 50 caliber heavy machine guns, 8x Guided missiles (both AA and AG), smoke grenades
Support systems: Medical equipment, power generator, food & ammo storage, general storage
The model was done using 3DS Max, and it was created in segments, first being the track & suspension system, then the body & ammo storage and finally the turret. Then the materials were composed in Keyshot using several materials combined with labels, the materials designed were the following:
The color schemes tested were four, Spetznaz (used in all of the renders), Artcic Force, Navy and finally SpecOps (undercover operations). My plan is to come up with a different turret (and thus different weapons and systems) that suits every operation. What follows is just the camouflage that will be used:
When I was satisfied with the final result, I started working with the active lights of the model, and then made several renders from various angles:
Photo-realistic Renders
But what would of these hours of designing be without a photorealistic render of the drone on a military hangar? Enjoy:
Thanks a lot for your time, and I hope you got inspired by my designs! Ve sure to check the renders in higher resolutions in the following sites: