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Cut All Ties | social media - educational projects
social media / social campaign / educational projects

ABD and ACRA are two non-governmental organizations respectively from Spain and Italy that have long been involved in educational projects to fight gender inequality and violence. 

Cut All Ties is a project by ABD and ACRA funded under the European Commission's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme. It's an innovative pilot project involving 6 schools in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan to combat gender-based violence in adolescents' emotional and sexual relationships through gamification and new technologies. 

Our solution
In order to support the project, we have devised a communication campaign that focuses on "change" as a positive concept. It encourages adolescents to get personally involved in bringing about change in their daily life. This produces new ideas for real change, which are then promoted and circulated across the web through media relations and influencer marketing activities.

Graphic design and color range
The balloon graphic design and color range used in the online and offline campaign are inspired from the Cut all Ties project in order to ensure consistency and strengthen its identity.
Gender Stereotypes
We also worked on translating some of the content from the helpful training kit created for the project into social language. We produced short ads and video animations to promote conversation on gender stereotypes, the sex/gender system, gender violence and consent. 
From physical to digital and back. We designed stickers with the campaign message so the kids could physically place them around the city as well as post them on social networks.
ClientsACRA (Milano) and ABD - ASOCIACIÓN BIENESTAR Y DESARROLLO (Madrid/Barcellona)
Project & Marketing Manager, Senior Copywriter | Elisa Coco
Chief Designer | Sara Catanzariti 
Motion Graphic Designer | Ludovica Mantovan
Translation, Influencer Marketing, Media Relations (Spain) | Kristina Tomic
Influencer Marketing | Gaia Paolillo
Year - 2022
Cut All Ties | social media - educational projects

Cut All Ties | social media - educational projects

social media - social campaign - educational projects