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Second part of the Visualizing Climate Change project, for the Final Synthesis Studio
In the second step of the project Visualizing Climate Change, we were asked to identify a controversy related to each topic, in our case Coastal System an Low Lying Areas. Through digital methods, a specific kind of research that treats the Internet as a mirror of society, we identified from whom and how a particular topic -coral bleaching- is debated. We therefore created a visual report based on collected data.
The assignment aim is to give a primer both on the use of Internet based research strategies and the use of visual devices, a process that gives the possibility to take profit both from quantitative and qualitative research methods. We explored how to give a meaning to heterogeneous data using pre-existing digital tools and developing new ones when necessary.
A graphic of ours has been featured for the cover of Malofiej Awards Book #19, and the project is presented inside.