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    THE REALISTIC ARCHITECTURE Concrete stucture and nothing else is to be seen
Santa Cruz Civic Centre 
Torres Vedras . 2011
The realistic Architecture

The SEA the sightseeing, the Sun, are indeed impressive, the strong wind disorientates our senses, the inner ear unbalances us. That is why we need protection, going almost to the beach we see the sea as an objective but meanwhile we are sucked into a built nucleus that evolves this reality and leaves us alone with the SEA.

The privileged sightseeing consumes all of our senses. Now the wind is calm, it’s protected with the concrete barriers that support the Auditorium and the Library.

Behind, the big mirrored window let us catch a glimpse of the restaurant at the square level. Upstairs, the administration is almost unreadable because of the mirrored glass effect.

We just visited what we heard about being the Civic Centre where the crab gave it its form – if it was because of its form or because of its proximity to the Sea, it’s for us, hard to evaluate. The truth is that both embrace the SUN, the WATER and the QUALITY OF LIFE with the same determination that we did.
Antonio Mota, architect