Logo collection.
MIDGAR logo designs.
Łukasz Ruszel 2011

Producer of timber houses.
nature, beauty, elegance, quality
case study

3D modeling software
arranged, firm, reliable, power
Dedicated business software.
cooperation, order, progress
Capital management.
dynamism, action, nobility
Investment company.
simplicity, class, strength
Search engine optimization (SEO).
SEO, growth, effectiveness
case study
motion, destination, parcel
case study
Internet services.
friendliness, openness, noble-bling;-), cartoon-mole!
case study
Cash loans and credit cards.
security, efficient management, connections
elegance, class, simplicity
Language school.
owl, mascot
Internet center of legal advice.
experience, law, trustworthiness
Night-club located in the USA.
warmth, fun, friendliness
IT outsourcing, telecommunication.
technology, pixels, connections
Culture portal.
culture, dignity, community
Blog about WordPress.
ninja!, smile, WordPress
case study
Polish Association of Domain Investors.
credibility, responsibility, progress
Chain of fast-food restaurants.
Mexican, crazy, funny
Flower shop.
flower, organic, handwriting
Bookstore specialized in school textbooks.
smile, student, study
Sport sunglasses collection.
class, high quality, design
DVD and Blu-ray authoring.
film, heads up!
Internet shop offering fantasy gadgets.
fantasy, medieval, myth
Real estate valuation consulting.
"green mountain", trust, security, information-flow
Website gathering internet contests.
pirates, treasure, prize
Window and door woodwork.
simplicity, geometry, trustworthiness
Football club.
tradition, bravery, emblem
Organization and securing music events.
dynamism, music
Advertising agency.
experience, stability, complexity
Shop offering products for pet owners.
dog, nature, movement
Manufacturer and seller of wireless EEG headsets.
brain, examination, professionalism
Music club serving mostly retro hits.
dynamis, retro, radio set
Software solutions for business.
modernity, dynamism, control, creativity, center
road, ahead, A
maple, paper, leaf, CMYK
Internet pharmacy.
nature, warmth, closeness
Advertising agency.
motion, dynamism, opportunities
Jewellery shop.
beauty, elegance, sofistication
Łukasz Ruszel
Logo collection.