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Online Fruit Machine
Online Fruit Machine
I have been wanting to add a post about online casino reviews for quite a while but when you get stuck into online fruit machines and slots you tend to put the boring stuff aside for a while.

You do hear of some really good fruit machines that you can play on, the problem is, especially if you want to play with real cash, is that you have to join an online casino first. 
There are loads of stories out there about nasty casinos too, they create themselves as what is called a “white label” and then extort money out of us without paying anything back, the people who run these things then simply disappear and as online gambling in many countries is not very well regulated, if at all, there is not much we as a player can do.

I joined two new online casinos recently on top of Slot95 but thought I would give you a brief idea on all three so you know whether any of them might be right for you, for me personally and coming from the UK Ladbrokes was always my number one choice, the issue is that they don’t accept US players because of a strange law that I won’t bore you with. Here’s my run down on Ladbrokes, Slots Oasis and Slotocash.


The main reason I joined Ladbrokes is because they are well known and from what I have seen so far on the internet, one of the most reputable online fruit machines, they also deal with a reputable software company called Microgaming. These people create the software that very much runs the show, things like the blackjack games, the fruit machine etc are all created in their factory.

Having seen ladbrokes all over the place as a kid it just gave me the feeling that they were safe and it’s true. I have never had a problem with them over the last 18 months and making a payment to them if you want to play with real money is very easy either with a debit card, credit card or some of these online bank systems like neteller or moneybookers that you can join easily these days.

Having been with them for almost two years the one negative I have found is that they don’t produce enough online fruit machines, they have their standard selection which have been around for ages but they could do so much more, by that I mean fruit machines like The Italian Job for example, a brilliant fruity but just not available online yet, it’s probably to do with licensing but nonetheless I am sure more can be done.

The graphics at ladbrokes are fine, no issues there at all and the sounds albeit a bit annoying after a while are not enough to give you a headache. You can choose two ways to play at Slot95 slot casinos, either by downloading their casino software or not. 

If you don’t download there are limits to what you can play on and some games will be much slower. If you download though you are pretty much given a golden key to play on what you like, that involves free tournaments where you can win real money or even create your own slot machine.

If you want something steady that gives you the option of playing for free but with a chance of winning money then Ladbrokes is a good choice, you don’t get any annoying customer service rep calling asking you to deposit and they basically just let you get on with things in your own time. 

If like me, you become a VIP then you do get some nice bonuses which in the long run are worth doing but it’s trust that counts when it comes to casinos and I wouldn’t bet against Ladbrokes being one of the best in the business.

Slots Oasis

I joined Slots Oasis a little over a year ago. They have software developed by a group called Real Time Gaming or RTG to save on typing. As their title suggests they are very slot orientated which suits me to the ground but a good point to make is that they also have all the other gambling games you would expect at a casino like roulette and blackjack.

Although some of the games do seem repetitive and in honesty some of them are probably exactly the same but with different pictures on them, you get a wide choice of slots to have a go at, whether you like the pirate sort of games or some of the more sporty slot machines that there are out there.

Depositing was easy at Slots Oasis but I have never had to withdraw too much because I have been unlucky there, except once when I won almost a grand on one of them, I had to email a copy of my passport before they would pay and send in one of my phone bills with an address on it. 

Ok they never paid the bill but they did pay out my winnings about three days later which was good, still, to be ready I would always have a copy of your passport and a recent bill to hand to make any withdrawal as smooth as possible.

Online fruit machines Oasis also accepts US players which is good, despite there being laws against gambling and so on. This casino can still accept Americans which is strange but true so if you are one of our Atlantic cousins you can rest assured knowing that it’s okay to play at Slots oasis.

The graphics are very good and the team at RTG know what they are doing, the sounds are a bit 50/50 some I am ok with, others you just have to switch the volume off straight away. Most of their slot games come with a mini jackpot which is great if you can get it but over the last year I have seen the jackpots only rise meaning someone is going to win a lot of money at some point.

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If you are looking for a good choice of slots this online fruit machine Oasis is a good one to look into.  They create new games quite often and they do pay out any winnings which is always a good sign. Get Your Opportunity at the Slot Casino.
Online Fruit Machine

Online Fruit Machine


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