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Tis The Season For Science

Tis The Season
California Academy of Sciences // San Francisco, CA 2017

Design: California Academy of Sciences
Fabricated by Gizmo Art Production
Project Managers: Mark Sabatino, Jeremy Kaplan, Todd Brown, Eric Reedy, Liz Christiano

My roles: wood finishing, painting, assembly, packing, and installation

Tis The Season is an annual holiday celebration at the California Academy of Sciences, highlighting the wonder and fragility of earth's polar ecosystems. Gizmo Art Production was hired to fabricate and install exhibit panels and interactives.
Panels were CNC'd, sanded, primed, and painted by the Gizmo team and myself. We employed the necessary sanding and careful painting to achieve a perfect finish.
Panels were joined by joint fasteners and propped by jacks. After assembly, paint touchup for minor blemishes took place.
After our finishing touches, Riot Creative Imaging came in and took care of the graphics.

Below is the completed Antarctic side of the exhibit.
Below: Before and after graphics (North Pole side.)
Tis The Season For Science

Tis The Season For Science


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