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Oakland Zoo Habitarium

The Habitarium
Oakland Zoo // Oakland, CA 2017 – 2018

Design Studio: ECOS
Fabricated by Gizmo Art Production
Project Managers: Mark Sabatino, Jeremy Kaplan, Todd Brown, Liz Christiano

My roles: painting, finishing, graphic design, file prep, transportation, installation, creative detailing, cataloging graphic panels, and maintenance.
One goal of The California Conservation Habitarium is to show visitors what a scientific field station looks and feels like. We started off by building crates that would function as seating—properly aging them as if they had traveled a long journey to reach this isolated research site.
I experimented with different stains and application methods, creating irregularity between each crate. In addition, I designed faux shipping labels that were laser cut into stencils for painting.
The field station framework went through a similar process of weathering through staining and battering. We were mindful of sanding down any splinters within arm's reach. Canvas stretching across the framework was stained with green tea.
Once everything was built and assembled in the workshop, it was dismantled, packaged, and shipped to the Oakland Zoo. On-site obstructions required structural refitting and modification.
I was tasked with prepping graphic files for this California map to be lasercut.
The assembly, painting, and mounting was done by Gizmo's shop manager, Todd Brown.
Pictured above and below are various tests of moss application for a tactile exhibit. 

Oakland Zoo Habitarium

Oakland Zoo Habitarium


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