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    A video and a booklet created as a pair to describe a fictional narrative of a hidden signal transmitted across the world.
The Pulse"
The Pulse is a fictional narrative about an unseen force created by a group that secretly controls civilized society. This narrative is inspired by conspiracy theories and anxiety caused by living in populated areas. 
The Pulse is a signal transmitted from clandestine facilities and permeates the nations environment. transmitted only way to avoid The Pulse is in the countryside, which cannot be penetrated by it because of the sheer amount of natural elements of which deflect The Pulse's force.
The Video:
The video involves a bike safety PSA and an anti-Pornography propaganda video combined with original animation of digital elements. The video is intended to be dark and obscure as is the nature of The Pulse.
The most general way to speak of it is that there are two layers of information presented and when they collide it results in complete chaos as they peel back to reveal the inner workings of The Pulse.
The VHS effect was included to enhance the idea that this could be found footage from a tape of esoteric origin, which intends to warn and somehow teach the viewer about The Pulse. The music was composed specifically for this video using analog synthesizers and digital degredation techniques.
The Booklet:
The booklet also deals with two layers of information but instead each layer occupies opposite page sides. When the booklet is picked up and folded around into random directions it creates the same chaos of signals crossing as both pages meet with each other.
One side of the booklet states that things are fair, safe, and good using images from modern architecture and design to show an optomistic view. The other side is peels back this naïve view and tries to educate the reader about the evils of the pulse and how to avoid it.
Video Stills: