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MTV Xmas Party

– MTV Xmas Party

In the animation field, nothing has ever been more innovative and experimental than MTV idents. When our friends from Ditroit asked us to collaborate on this fantastic MTV Christmas ident we were all thrilled!

Right off the idea was to try our hand at something that had never been done before, to dare do something totally new. We wanted to push the boundaries of 3D animation beyond the limits, thus overturning the usual production schemes.

Frame by frame + 3D = WOOOOOOOOOOO

We started from a 2d frame by frame animation in which we exasperated the deformations and perspectives and then we passed the ball to the Ditroit guys for modelling, shading and compositing.
The result has been something original and new, an animation with a flavour and physical materiality similar to stop motion, but with an absolutely contemporary aesthetic.

Ditroit & Nerdo

Nerdo Team
Direction: Dalila Rovazzani / Producer: Letizia Saponaro / Character Design: Giacomo D’Ancona / 2D Animation: Dalila Rovazzani

Ditroit Team 
Creative Direction: Salvatore Giunta / Producer: Noemi Bugli / Designers: Claudio Gasparollo + Luca Dusio + Christian Cabiddu + Marco Serracca + Gianluca Franco + Alessandro Depaoli

Viacom CBS Networks International

MTV EMEA & Asia 

Sr VP ViacomCBS: German Groba / VP Brand Strategy: Bettina Vogel / Key Grip:
Andrea Pettiti / Sr Creative Director: Emanuela Denti / Art Direction: René Olivo
Sr Creative Ops Manager: Giulia Marcora / Project Manager: Daniela Firpo

MTV Xmas Party

MTV Xmas Party