Realpaw Amazônia

Branding: Strategy, Verbal Identity, Visual Identity, Packaging, Graphic Design.

Realpaw is a premium line of natural products for dogs that uses only natural ingredients to help humans who already have an ecologically responsible lifestyle and want well-groomed, happy and long-lived dogs. The brand believes that pets are like family members and should be treated and cared for as such. Thus its products are cruelty-free, and it supports institutions that care for destitute and homeless animals.

Realpaw Amazônia was born to help people keep their dogs beautiful and smelling good while using natural and non-toxic extracts from the Amazon Rainforest, which are sought in partnerships with responsible extractive communities with reforestation actions.

For your dog, only the best.

Design team: Asdrubal Fabris, Camila Bermudez, Cleber Campos, Marcos Oliveira
Illustration: Asdrubal Fabris  //   Packaging 3D: André Chaves   //   Photos: Unsplash and Pexels

Realpaw Amazônia
Multiple Owners
Asdrubal (duba) Fabris