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Motion Graphics
the electronic version
sketch of the ideas
basic shapes and some nurbs (r)
modified a text object with some extrusions and some sweep nurbs (e)
modeled this using the cloth dresser (E)
a few splines extruded to make this (Z)
model by Tristan Gruet, downloaded from pixellab (O)
modeled this using the sweep nurbs, a corn and a tube
and how some of the textures where made
2 layers of color, the one outside has a mask to create the illusion of rust, the legs are just pictures of metal after some Photoshop tweaking
incase your wondering what lens i used here, it was a 36mm for this and the weird hourglass thing. the rest where done with a 50mm
basic 100% reflections and some noise
the idea of having this "N" pencil pop out of the letterbox crop was an accident that worked !
the rubber is a cylinder with a red, some noise and masked reflections, the reflections are subtle because i wanted it not to look so new thought at the same time not very old
here i used the same metal image from the "e" legs, a white texture with some noise  for the back side and the cloth pattern inside is from GSG (i modified it ovcos) , i think ,not very sure
this shot was inspired by GRAVITY (don't start comparing, mine is nowhere near that of gravity)
i used some SSS on the crank, the rest is pretty much the same process , i just eyeball them until am happy with the results
the crank toy
here, i used some material from GSG but modified them a little.
i don't know what this is .. it was supposed to be an hourglass, i got bored with it so i turned into this THING
"o" closing in
it all comes together to make this
if for some reason you have any questions, i don't know why you would but if you do, don't hesitate,  just send me a message, i will try to answer. if you have any advice or tips for me on how to improve please  do the same thanx
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Loukman Ali


project for onezero, a design company in Norway, the idea is simple, letters making up the name