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50 wrong-handed portraits
I'm actually left-handed, but I have drawn all of these with my right hand to avoid mannerism. This is my journey to become right-handed and these are some of the people I have met during my trip.
1. Antti, illustrator

This is me. I'm taking my first steps towards being right-handed.
2. Marjatta, professor

Marjatta is telling about the thesis.
3. Vilja, screenwriter
This is my girlfriend Vilja.
4. Jyri, animator
This is my schoolmate Jyri typing on a computer on a comics course.
5. Saku, professor
Saku Heinänen tells about the contents of the course.
6. Eva, photographer
Photographer Eva Persson is presenting her photos.
7. Grandma Sinikka
8. Peetu, coordinator
Peetu visiting.
9. Heidi, film director
10. Antti, musician
Antti Autio on a train to Oitti.
11. Antti, illustrator
Antti Kekki is also playing Carcassonne.
12. Risto, actor
Ripa is thinking about the game piece.
13. Aapo
14. Tuomas, author
15. Seppo, pensioner
Seppo is at Eija's place feeling the blini.
16. Klaara, musician
Klaara can already smell the blini.
17. Mitja, musician
Mitja has already eaten his blini that weren't so sour this time. (In reality Mitu doesn't look THIS MUCH like a hobo.)
18. Eija, Spanish teacher
Hostess Eija is pleased with her cooking skills. So am I.
19. Anssi, graphic designer
Anssi is having a beer at Ahven.
20. Jesse, graphic designer
Jesse is sitting right next to me.
21. Yimeng, graphic designer
Yimeng should finish her thesis, but instead she's having a beer at Ahven.
22. Patrick, sound designer
Patrick Boullenger at Tampere Film Festival.
23. Anumirjami, screenwriter
Anumirjami is amused by certain things that are being discussed at Restaurant Telakka.
24. Elise, filmmaker
Elise directed the film Kirkonkylä and is now going to see it at Tampere Film Festival. "I ain't got nothing anybody couldn't play with."
25. Heli, creative director
Heli gets attention at Plevna bar. It's getting late.
26. Olli, researcher
Olli is listening and trying to understand the movie biz.
27. Pietari, journalist

Pietsu is sitting so close it's hard to draw his whole face.
28. Tytti, press officer
Tytti is telling about riesling.
29. Tuomas, graphic designer
It's nice to see Tuomas Saikkonen after a long time (at Pacifico).
1.4. (April Fools')
30. Rickard, art student
Rickard at Pacifico.
31. Tord, art student
32. Tim, art student
33. Vera, art student
Vera from Stockholm.
34. Helene, art student
35. Heli, kindergarten teacher
Heli cooked salmon and fennel. Now we are talking about potting soil.
36. Márton, filmmaker
Mara is telling Vilja some movie anecdotes.
37. Miska, actor
"It's the model's own fault, if he moves or turns his back for example." –Editor's note
Miska has arrived from reciting Eino Leino.
38. Kati, costume designer
Kati has come from picking berries.
39. Jussi, journalist
Jussi is also happy at Elise's party that Finland beat Slovakia 2–1.
40. Toni, warehouse worker
Hamu is taking it easy one evening in July.
41. Iida, school teacher
Iitu is celebrating Vilja's birthday with beer and apple pie.
42. Timo, lawyer
Timo is reading sailing results from a phone.
43. Hanna, drama instructor
Hanna is reading Lehtola's Finlandia.
44. Jyrki, screenwriter
Jyrki is talking about Martti Suosalo.
45. Leo, working man
Leo watches Akseli play.
46. Jari, graphic designer
Jari answers a question during a game of Trivial Pursuit Junior '86 edition.
47. Martin, graphic designer
When on vacation, Martin just hangs out.
48. Lassi, screenwriter
Lassi is drawing a body part.
49. Otso, science educator
Otso tried a cigar.
50. Natnael, financial advisor
Nada is listening to Vilja's blabbering.
All of the portraits were drawn on a little self-made sketchbook with two felt pens and a brush. There are a lot more of these in the book, but I had to exclude some to keep this page managable.
50 wrong-handed portraits

50 wrong-handed portraits

For years I have kept a little sketchbook about people I meet. I have drawn the portraits with my weaker hand to bring out more character to the Read More

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