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We present our ensuing chapter, titled "Tribal". Influenced by the traditional ancestral ways and methods of now long-forgotten cultures, civilizations and native tribes. Each member incorporating an individualistic and personalized twist upon the concept to bring you utmost diversity within the chapter, we hope you enjoy the journey.
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"The Resurgence of a Quenched Flame"
collab with Lius Lasahido
Story Written by Rona Nushi
-It was the third morning of that year, just the same as the second. Dorothy woke up to do the ritual she did every single dawn. She was the girl of green-winged orchid gardens and that name was stamped on
her head.
Dorothy started her walk through the lines of flowers, getting sozzled by their purple crowns. Not a single one was ugly, not a single one did she hate! Or, should I say, she was taught not to hate?
Since the first day of her visit on Earth, she breathed the sweet scent of those purple orchids, as if she was not informed of the existence of poison in the fragrance of these flowers. 
"Talk to me, feed my eyes and guide my way with your glow. You are the God of my intellect, the religion to which I bow down and I raise when you raise" - she stated to the third line of orchids and her
voice echoed all around. This garden summed up her whole world and hidden beyond those fences was the opponent. By wish or by curiosity, she was not allowed to pass that line!
Despite all the conditions, she was used to be happy. It was a kind of happiness that hypnotized her. But, all this routine lasted until the night that turned her glee into gloom. A massive fire hit her garden and everything she has learned in life and lived for turned into ashes.
The next dawn poor Dorothy found herself in front of two important decisions. She either had to make a big curve in her life and explore what was hidden behind those fences or cry over the ashes that continued to take her soul completely.
But, something was sure. If she dared to jump those barriers, Dorothy would find the true garden of liveliness, the one made of infinite colors.
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