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The Poems - 詩の男

日本の春からインスピレーション - Inspirations from Japanese poems
A mixed inspiration from different Asian culture and modernity along with Japanese poems by Kobayashi Issa and Yosa Buson.
Concept & Photography: RKUDO
Makeup Artist: An Bourjois
Model: Vuong Anh
Costume: Maschio, Hà Nhật Tiến
" In my province
Grass blooms too...
Cherry blossoms"

- Kobayashi Issa
"The long days
The distant past"

- Yusa Buson
"With that moon
And its halo
Spring has come"

- Kobayashi Issa 
"Brimming with hope
Little butterflies...
A young couple"

- Kobayashi Issa
"Taking a tiny trip
To see and be seen...
New summer robes"

- Kobayashi Issa
The Poems - 詩の男

The Poems - 詩の男

A mixed inspiration from different major Asian cultures along with Japanese poems by Kobayashi Issa and Yosa Buson