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Myth and Audiovisual Creation - Website Design

The International Conference of Myth Criticism is a biennial conference organized by the ACIS Research Group from the Complutense University of Madrid. The group, leading other academic parties, deals with the analysis of myth in contemporary art, fiction and society. 

2018’s Conference title was “Myth and Audiovisual Creation” and it involved four universities as the hosts of the event. The Conference lasted for ten full days during two weeks: from the 15th to the 26th of October, 2018. 

I was the “Consulting Coordinator” during the Conference; in other words, I was in charge of the management, brand coherence and supervision of the four universities, online and on-site.

Note: After the conference finished, some texts and buttons were edited and some CTAs were removed.
The programme of the Conference needed to be easily accessible and editable by the respective organizing committees of each university.

Putting Occam's Razor to good use, I created four spreadsheets in Google Drive that were inserted into the programme's page using HTML: by updating the spreadsheet, the information on the web also changed instantly. Thanks to this, everyone who had access to the Drive could change the programme during the conference to reflect the last-minute changes and cancellations (we even updated it from our mobiles!)

You can't really organize a conference about audiovisual creation without partaking in some audiovisual creation yourself, right? 

This trailer was then made available in 7 languages (even latin!) thanks to the help of colleagues more knowledgeable in languages than me.

I will probably add the trailer as a separate item to my portfolio and update the link here in the future.

​​​​​​​The UI design focused on an event may end when the user abandons your website, but the UX design doesn't end until the event is finished. This is why I'm including some photographies of each of the venues: to showcase that designing a remarkable event requires treating the people you work with care.

27 people formed the four Organizing Committees, 52 were part of the respective Scientific Committees, 33 assistants ensured that everything ran smooth in the four venues, and 239 participants gave interesting presentations in the universities. The average public for key speakers were 60 people and for parallel presentations 25 people.

Many of these people became friends.​​​​​​​

Thanks for watching!



Myth and Audiovisual Creation - Website Design


Myth and Audiovisual Creation - Website Design

The website for the V International Conference of Myth Criticism "Myth and Audiovisual Creation" was created in Wordpress using the theme Divi as Read More