• Handling digital data is our everyday business. Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum ensures that the bits and bytes don’t have an expiry date. And that the right people have access to the right files – everytime, everywhere. RRZ establishes an individual IT infrastructure for clients. So that they don’t have to deal with the technical side of information technology and can focus on their core business. After all it’s easier to work when you know that the ones and zeros are being well-kept.
    A new website, various printed materials and an image brochure provide insight in the Austrian IT company.
    Client: Raiffeisen Rechenzentrum GmbH
    Creative Direction: Mike Fuisz
    Art Direction & Graphic Design: Kurt Glänzer
    Webdesign: Stefan Unger
    Director Digital: Birgit Taucher
    Web Development: Thomas Allmer, Clemens Sagmeister
    Photography: Michael Königshofer
    Brand Consulting: Kirsten Ives, Sarah Posch
    Text: Matthias Alber
    Account Management: Christina Schachner
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