Sometimes I just like to let my mind ponder on things. Doing so tends to generate all kinds of seemingly random thoughts that cascade my conscience. At times I’ll sketch out something that peaks my interest during these moments. A while back I was thinking about how busy our lives can get. We’re so determined to move from one task to the next that we miss life in between.
That was the genesis of my thinking behind this illustration. Someone who in the midst of their busy routine takes the time to stop and appreciate a simple beautiful interlude that most of us too often bypass in our daily haste.
This illustrative design is a good example of letting an inspired idea come to full creative fruition. The result is a fun design using custom hand lettering and a colorful character.
”Interlude” Illustration.
Detail of Interlude” Illustration.
All of the textures I used in this illustration came from real-world surface textures.
Detail of Interlude” Illustration.
A wooden ink roller was the source for the edge texturing. And the interior textures were derived from a concrete wall, old flooring, a crappy copy machine and parking garage.
Brick Detailing of Interlude” Illustration.
So take the time to enjoy those things too easy to overlook and ignore. You never know what you’re missing until you do.