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    Project Mandala (2008) a mandala was made from peace symbols by school children
Unity in Diversity
Project Mandala (2008) a mandala was made from peace symbols by school children in London.

In a video-documented process, the most recurring words of students werethe desire to "leave a mark." I guess it’s like that all over.But considering that we had a room of 40 youngsters’ and 30 different nationalitiesand background the simple wish to leave a mark became something important toexplore.
So considering their desire -- and the necessity of theschool of creating unity in diversity reducingviolence,
on the second step we interviewed the whole schoolcommunity (teachers, staff and students) asking what would be their ingredientfor Peace?
The recorded answers were compiled in a videobriefing and given to students.
Based on the entire school ingredients (Love, Togetherness,Colour, Flowers, Harmony, and many others even "there will never be peace") the students drew their interpretations,crossing all information’s.

The site of the installation was themain yard, a large concrete area, with very little green. Students targetedthis area as an uncomfortable place with little significance.

The Mandala of 12 meters indiameter made ​​from drawings produced by the students, created at low cost, a bidimensional space, a kind of square that changed the relationship with the place.

The word Mandala comes from Sanskrit.Loosely is translated
as "circle, " but a mandalais far more than a simple form.It represents fullness and can be viewed as a life structure itself. A diagramthat brings back our relationship with the infinite and the world.

The installation was significant tothe community of Villiers and other schools from different regions gathered inthe following month to celebrate the peace in schools and the value of the differences.