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    Mr.series inspired by Mr.Men series. characters design and story
Mr. series by Bubi Au Yeung
Just for Fun :)
 Mr.NerdHalo, my name is Mr.Nerd, i work as a junior programmer.I am so proud of my little brother Mr.Nerd Bro, coz my bro's freelance job is working as Mr.DotDot Mouse in the DotDot Land!!!
You can't imagine how happy i am :D
Mr.Nerd BroHihi, my name is Mr.Nerd Bro, the little brother of Mr.Nerd.Though i want to apply the position of Mr.Charlie DotDot, my brother is so proud of me coz he like Mr.DotDot Mouse in the DotDot Land since he was a kid...I don't wanna be Mr.DotDot Mouse coz i think i have more confidence to express the human feeling than being a mouse...Most Importantly, i got bullied by my colleague, MIss.DotDot Mouse :( 
Mr.DotDot MouseHihi, I am Mr.DotDot Mouse now, but i am also Mr.Nerd Bro, the little brother of Mr.Nerd.I applied the full time position of Mr.Charlie DotDot in DotDot Land at the beginning, but the position is taken, so I have to work as a freelance Mr.DotDot Mouse until the position of Mr.Charlie DotDot is available again...I am stressed coz i still dont quite understand the mind of Mr.DotDot Mouse, i think i didnt do my job well...
Besides, I am scare of Miss.DotDot Mouse, she always bully me :(
Mr.Charlie DotDotHello, my name is Mr.Charlie DotDot, a very popular character in DotDot Land.
I love hang out with my colleague, Mr.DotDot Mouse coz he seem nice to me :)
Mr.Treesoncheck out treeson story at:
Mr.Baby Treesoncheck out treeson story at: