This is the second of 5 illustrations part of a my collection for Design Indaba 2014 : Emerging creatives program in Cape Town, South Africa. I first introduced this design as part of a collaborative project called "Goons and Masks". Each illustrator involved had to come up with an image around that theme. My concept was to use a pig who is somehow linked or obssessed with the army. He has a collection of shrunken heads wich he collects as trophies and hangs them on his belt. The shrunken heads' flesh is used to make the polony which the pig is munching on. The tennis ball propeller gun is his weapon of choice when he confronts his victims. Tattoo artists practise on pig skin during their apprenticeship.This might have developed an aggression in the pig and once he was released from his duties, he vowed to seek revenge.
Here's a link to the collaborative project