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    People have their minds full of ideas and creative thoughts but they lack the ability to express it in an effective manner through compelling wri… Read More
    People have their minds full of ideas and creative thoughts but they lack the ability to express it in an effective manner through compelling writing which becomes their biggest fear. Read Less
People often have a fear of writing. They believe that they can think in good terms but they are not expressive enough to portray their feelings and thoughts through words. It is a general believe that people who are expressive and talkative, would definitely be compelling writers too but this does not hold true in many cases. Speaking and writing are two different things. Compelling writing requires a special skill which everybody is not necessarily born with.
Speaking involves the portrayal of spontaneous feelings which a person usually blurts out without giving it much thought. But when a person sits down to write something, he gives it forethought to shape and mould his words in a compelling manner so that it is readable and people can connect to it. Compelling writing includes the feature of being unbiased and impartial.
A writer can have his own opinions but the writing should not be centering on a biased idea because the readers have their own mindset and it may not appeal to everybody. So a compelling writer must ensure not to be biased towards a particular thing and try to incorporate the feature of neutralism and indiscrimination in his writing.
Sometimes people feel that compelling writing cannot be developed but one has to be born with it. But I believe that writing skills can be developed overtime. Everybody is involved in writing since their early age. When we go to schools and colleges, we are constantly involved in writing but that most part of that writing is centered on academic writing or course related writing. This leaves less room for exploring the area a person would love to write about. What students get involved in is reading the course material and trying to reproduce it. They think on narrow lines and in minimum context centering on a particular area.
As their less or low exploration of their hidden talents, people develop this fear of not being good writers. Whenever they are being faced with a challenge to write something original or describe their opinion about something in their own words, they feel difficulty. They turn to their computers for help. This is making them less creative and leaves little room for creating something on their own.
This habit sets deep inside them. They are afraid to write essays in class room. They are perplexed when they face the challenge of writing an assignment, dissertation or thesis writing. They are not comfortable with the idea of producing something original which could truly be the creation of their mind.
 When they are faced with the challenge of college thesis writing, they feel as if a huge burden is being put on their shoulders. Conceiving the idea of it and then developing it, involves a lot of forethought and pure writing which is, for most of people a very big deal.
Writing should be considered as normal phenomena. It should come naturally to a mind and instead of having a fear of writing; one should take a step towards developing this skill in him by writing whatever he feels. The free expression of thoughts through words will make him open up and be creative in writing.