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O M B R E  C O U T U R E
"Today, artists began to create spaces in which may arise something, current art does not show the result of the work, is the work itself or the process, which is to come" -
Prince Lauder
Global Concept
Inspired by the style of Givenchy couture and what its creator today, Ricardo Tisci aesthetic means, the work of Prince Lauder is simply a reinterpretation of the look in every way. Through colors Givenchy Ombre worlds are created, the importance of each color is undeniable, from what they create warm tones and even what to do with cold tones, all evidenced here.
Givenchy visual ad campaign.
Givenchy Ombre Couture colors.
Different techniques and elements, layers of paint, paper, everything is juxtaposed by the interlocking of colors, each detail is thought in order to construct a somewhat, all through the eyes.
Divided in 4 moments each space has its own story, each represents the values ​​of Givenchy, from beginning to end, 1. Aristocratic elegance, 2. Beauty Magnetic, 3. Impertinent Style, 4. Luxury for oneself. A work itself, showing the process and not the result, which is built for each item being added and also by the absence of each of them, a pure thought exercise.
Details of Project.
Title. Ways of view.
Mixed media on canvas. 100 x 100 cm
Art Direction. Prince Láuder
Execution. Prince Láuder
Project Development. Liora Anderman
Special Thanks. LVMH Team Givenchy:
Lisseth Dominguez,
Miguel Hndz, Viridiana Hernandez.
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