Logo for a financial organization

Saint Petersburg, Russia


MFOВank issues loans to physical persons online. The company aims at gaining loyalty among clients and becoming for them a reliable partner who lends money in difficult times with a 90% guarantee.

The founders of the company have already contacted Logomachine for designing corporate identity for five other projects.


This time we were to create the logo with a hint of the company’s sphere, which will distinguish MFOBank from other microfinance organizations and create a feeling of trustworthiness.


In the logotype we replaced the letter “O” with the round sign which  resembles a coin: it symbolizes the company’s involvement in the banking sphere. 

In the logo stands out the customized letter “A” as well: there are only main sidelines left from it, without a crossbar. It helps to associate MFOBank with the financial foundation of the company’s clients.

Corporate style elements
Additionally we chose the corporate colors — several shades of violet. They create the feeling of reliability: clients can trust MFOBank.

As a corporate font for the website and social media we chose Segoe UI. It has a rounded form. 

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