Decodable - Branding / UI Design

Client: Decodable
Category: Visual Identity / UI Design / Webflow Development
Year: 2019


Decodable is a DevOps startup that helps companies accelerate how they build and deploy applications. They helps producers of data serve data directly to the consumer with no intermediary so data consumers can tailor the data to their needs without any back and forth.

Decodable was in its starting phase and they just had a logo and little brand guide in place. They were in desperate need of something concrete that can help them standout and at the same time true to their value and messaging.

We started with the logo that they already had and improved upon it to make it more balanced and stand the test of time. Then we prepared moodboards and different visual paths for the brand and created some concept ideas, then we went on to brainstorm how to bring those ideas to life via interactive concepts and ideas. Taking care of everything from start to finish. Creating concepts, logos, graphics, and motion designs in addition to designing and developing websites.

Decodable has a whole new identity system now.. All its visuals and customer touch points are visually appealing and consistent. Which helps in conveying a sense of trust regarding the brand. All the messaging, visuals and animation on their website is custom tailored to convey their core message.
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Decodable - Branding / UI Design

Decodable - Branding / UI Design

Branding and web design for Decodable. Decodable is DevOps startup that helps you accelerate how you build and deploy applications.