School project : Packaging design

This design was made for the clothing line Carlings to be sold at Norway’s biggest music festival that is known for its edgy illustrating design, rock and pop music, hipster audience and variable weather. Inspired by my friend that missed out on her favourite artist because she was soak wet and freezing after a heavy shower of rain that made her go to the city to buy dry clothes.

These festival socks are not only suppose to cover the need but most important to create a bond between costumer and brand. It shows that they understand the young target group needs, faults and humour. An honest packaging that is brutally true to it self. With a hasty expression that gives a tongue that pouts out in anger, and with LP clouds full of rain, the story is obvious: This guy forgot his socks, and like everyone else, he hates buying them.

This packaging gives a boring product a personality and story that brings the attention to a product that rarely gets any focus and that could potentially lead to increased sale of socks, but most important it create a connection between customer and brand.

The design won silver in the category graphic design at Sterk, Trondheim 2014