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Holbaek, Denmark — February, 2022.

Mesh Scandinavia is an upcoming design studio originating in Denmark, the most southerly place in the Nordic countries. With an objective to help new brands find their footing, Mesh was founded in 2022 by Magnus Hvidtfeldt.

Driven by curiosity, Mesh takes inspiration from Scandinavian techniques whilst exploring the boundaries. As a result, our identity is compilated of a contemporary feel, keeping a simple and pleasing look. Moreover, both sans- and monospaced typefaces are utilized. The monospaced typeface combined with the abstract mesh texture creates a contrast that shows our experimental and emotional side.

Project - Mesh Scandinavia
Creative Direction & Visual Identity
Year - 2022

Photography - H.F.E & Co Studio
Model Photography - Brooke Cagle

Mesh Scandinavia

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Mesh Scandinavia

A design studio with a mission to help businesses become functional, thriving companies. Design by Magnus Hvidtfeldt.