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    Stippling 2013 • Pointillism/Stippling technique (black ink on paper) •
Overdose is coming
Nomads IV
Nomads III
Nomads II
Nomads I
The deepest sleep
Unhappy girl
Jimi Hendrix
Jim Morrison
Kurt Cobain
Pure nature
The lost Queen
Miss G
Miss Doubtful
Miss Maggie M'gill
Annabel Lee
How did we end up here?
It was difficult for him to take it all in
Who broke up with who?
Don't look at me (from my sketchbook)
Owner of my body (from my sketchbook)
Madcap innocence (from my sketchbook)
I am the master of my fate (from my sketchbook)
Woman (from my sketchbook) • inspired by a photo of Lane Oliveri •
Sweet childhood (from my sketchbook)
Work in progress
Detail images
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