Vague Magazine
Vague is a fictitious surf magazine made for Visual Programming II class. The project went through every step involved in producing a magazine; from defining the theme, audience and content to designing the layout, choosing typography, style to printing actual copies.
The magazine itself is a monthly publication focused on surfing. Instead of focusing on the athletic aspect of the sport, the magazine approaches the sport from a lifestyle angle. Vague includes articles on photography, travel, music and arts. The publication's audience is broad and unrestricted to a single gender or location.
Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial
Supervisor: Prof. Washington Dias Lessa
Alternative covers
The nature of surfing itself (one of freedom, flexibility, tranquility and lack of defined rules) influenced not only the magazine's content but also it's design. Benefitting from an incredible array of images related to the sport, the final result is a publication based on a few fundamental restraints while at the same time boasting of freedom of expression and flexibility.
Editor's note
Artist of the month
Note: articles and images in the magazine do not belong to me. Our task consisted in designing the magazine, not producing the content. No copyright infringement intended.
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