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LAD — LA Developers

LA Developers is a software development agency
that specializes in technology strategy, technology
solutions, and technology execution. ​​​​​​​

Their focus is to enhance modern and cutting edge solutions for cutting edge clients; Mainly novelty and startups that have something different to offer in the digital realm

But in order to build on a more relevant client base, one that is aligned to their offer of innovative and cutting edge development, they faced the need to create a new visual communication and brand refresh. One that reveals their true personality and brings their values to the front.

In the world of software developers, the landscape is always the same and true differentials are difficult to reflect.  Development agencies are seen as somewhat dull and unapproachable because of the bare nature of their discipline...symbols, numbers, formulas. In other words, things we don't care about or understand.

Our challenge was to create an interest for the brand by telling their story in a different way. reflecting their values and telling their story in a compelling and clear way. But most importantly, a brand that resonated with their target and was aligned with their goals.

Our solution 

We created a new communication and visual identity that is inspired by coding language. Speaking to the industry and their target audience, aiming to deliver their brand message as well as feeling relevant and adaptable. It reflects the beauty and craft that lies within a generally overlooked and hidden world of software development.

Codes take the forefront and are the DNA of every brand expression. Elements in constant flux, and interchangeable to represent the constant transformation which is the true nature of software development industry.

The tone of voice played a key role in the brand communication as it makes programming expressions and terms  more open and approachable. Building a connection with audiences by bringing them closer to this hidden world of programming.

Thanks :)

LAD — LA Developers

LAD — LA Developers