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Mako Pan ( まこパン ) Toast Vendor branding
Mako Pan Toast
Mako Pan Brand Guideline for Clients. The guideline provide the information, Do and Don't, mood and tone for the brand.
Mako Pan is a Bangkok-based toast brand that pioneered the concept of pleasant branding. The brand's concept is straightforward. The owner's requirements are simple, kind, and approachable. The initial concept was a puppy logo, however it was replaced with bunny bread.
Mako Pan Logo, A doubtful face bunny bread
Logo of the brand is the doubftul face rabbit bread with the bottle of milk. The aim of the owner is to make the customers understand what they sell. Yass !! they sell toast.
The owner wants the brand to look more clean but cute. So I usealmost 65% 0f white color and  the rest are pastel.
Facebook Fanpage cover illustration of the 2 characters, Chocco and ChuChu are preparing their toast vendor.
Divided elements for clients to use it easy. They can use it seperately
All the toast  flavors
Mini story of 2 characters, ChuChu and Chocco. Actually, Mako is excluded from the comics
ChuChu is the Maltise puppy who love eating sweet things. He sometimes ask sweets from the toast owner, Choco.
Choco is Brown poodle puppy who loves baking. She is Chuchu’s friend. If ChuChu wants to have some sweets. ChuChu has to help Choco’s toast shop.
Insta Story Covers and Miscellaneous items.
A4 prints menu and Instagram 1080x1080px menu
All the toast menu 
1.Butter Sugar toast
2.Condensed milk toast
3.Strawberry jam toast
4.Pandan custard toast
5.Ovaltine toast
6.Chocolate sauce toast
7.Chocolate and banana toast
All the sliding banner for Facebook Fanpage cover
All Typeface and Fonts
LED light box with Mako Pan Logo
Instagram posts with Submark logo and Credit
Mako Pan ( まこパン ) Toast Vendor branding

Mako Pan ( まこパン ) Toast Vendor branding