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    Is it possible to make a music video in 2 hours with only 45 minutes of planning?
Is it possible to make a music video with only 45 minutes of planning? What if you had never met the band and have never been to the location? What if you then only have 2 to 3 hours to shoot it?
Don’t panic.
It's all possible, and the results might turn out better than you think. This is exactly what happened with our latest music video "Everyday's a Holiday".
"Ten Man Push", a very cool band out of New York was coming into town during their national tour and we heard that they had a new song and were interested in making a music video. We exchanged a few emails trying to set something up but ultimately decided that it just wasn't going to work out. They could only be in town for a couple of days because of the tour and we already had commitments because of another big project we were working on.
C'est la vie
But the day they come to town we get a call from a mutual friend. "I got a motorcycle, some girls, and access to a concrete plant, the band can be there at 5:30pm, want to shoot a music video? "Uhhhh…..ummmmm….let me think a sec." We didn't need to start shooting on our other project until the next day so technically we could shoot a music video this evening. Was that possible?
Only one way to find out.
"Sure, sounds like fun. Where are we doing this again?"
We show up at the concrete plant and have a look around. It's a very cool location with lots of crazy places to shoot. We quickly decide were going to run out of light before we finish shooting so we settle on one of the shops for the majority of the video. The plant itself is still kind of crazy because it's still running, and they don't shut down until 5. It's too chaotic to do any planning so we head up the road until we find an empty parking lot.
We have less than an hour before everyone shows up so we spend the next 45 minutes planning the shoot on the hood of a car.
We are nothing if not creative. We hate vanilla. So even though we had virtually no time to plan or shoot this video, we still didn't want to do a "typical music video". So random montage shots of the band playing or partying were out. We had to do something different.
We ultimately decided to make it look like one continuous shot. We would of course cheat like crazy and make it out of at least a dozen shots. We would use speed ramping combined with close framing and wipes to hide the transitions. We had a Go-Pro with us that we could use to make some of the shots more interesting by mounting it on the guitar and mic etc. If we brought the steadicam in close to the Go-Pro mount positions maybe it would work?
The shoot went crazy fast. We ran into all kinds of problems and we hardly had time to think. But we got it done and had a blast doing it (All shoots are fun...even the crazy ones...or maybe especially the crazy ones).
Post was tough. You always pay for lack of planning on the back end but that's life.
Hope everyone likes it.
GH13 (hacked GH1)
Steadicam jr
Lumix 7-14mm
Premiere CS5
After Effects
Colorista II
Optical Flares