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Recycling office Adler


Renovation Office made of recycled materials  Rebranding of the Adler office. When we got there, the office was typical: 
Armstrong ceiling, acid lamps which distorted colors, ordinary tiles on the floor and rough wooden furniture ... 
Managers were sitting in the common room and when a client came, everyone had to be distracted.  
Firstly we thought about the space for the selection of paints and varnishes like a laboratory where you could 
comfortably choose the color and finish. The idea was to make a big “Laba” where everything could be sorted by styles.  
We realised that all customers were different: a foreman - architect, furniture maker - designer, a woman "I'll do everything by myself"
 and creative industries, so it was necessary to make selections by materials and finishes to structure everything as much 
as possible.  We have divided all products into interior and exterior  (house architecture), 
and created in each section a selection of styles with different colors, materials and textures. 

The “Interior” zone also had to be divided into two parts to expose samples of paints and varnishes. 
When we cleared the space from all stuff, removed the tiles and the suspended ceiling, the room already looked much better. 
We decided to make the floor pourable, interspersed with recycled plastic flakes, similar to drops of paint.   
In order to not divide the space with walls, we, together with ReQuiet, have developed mobile partitions made of PET felt
 (a material made from recycled bottles). Tables and acoustic lamps above the tables were also designed individually for the project,
 to maintain the overall style. Near the seats of managers, we decided to add green plants in metal 
flowerpots from the same collection. The second room was made for work with special orders, 
when it is necessary to develop a unique coating for a project together with technologists.
Before reconstruction 
Individual furniture and accessories 
Recycling office Adler


Recycling office Adler