At the end of 2018, Oxand started to formalise a new positioning as a PredTech leader. 
At the beginning of 2019, Oxand needed a new visual identity to match with their new strategy. In order to remain within the budget available, Oxand decided for a refresh.

The graphic system needed to be simple but effective, for easy internal use. 
Oxand also requested that the oak should be preserved in the logo in some way.

Creative Solution

Our starting point is the company’s distinctive name, Oxand. Oxand came from Oak and Sand. 
Oak symbolises endurance and strength, while Sand evokes the passage of time.
After a few rounds of research, we decided to bring the idea of « passage of time »  to the logo by transforming the outer circle in the original symbol into a “timer”.
The oak shape was made sturdier and more geometric to fit with the Pred-Tech look and feel.
We traded the former quiet and sober palette for a brighter neon palette, to give the brand a prosperous and bright feel. 
The timer-shape from the logo can be used as metaphors for many ideas related to time, prediction, and future.

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Chonticha Hanon