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Crystal Birch - CBII

What if hats had a life of their own and opposite forces had to meet to control these creatures. This brand film challenges the idea of self and what is possible with 3D technology while showcasing the latest range and variety of styles Crystal Birch’s Hat Factory has to offer.
What we see is a reflection of how we feel, and it is only through others that this feeling becomes real.

Two characters are faced-off in a dream world where hats have their own personalities and they have to combine forces to keep these strange entities at bay. The film explores the duality of human nature, while showing-off the wide range of unique Crystal Birch Hats.

We set out to explore the organic properties, flexibility and multifunctionality of the hats in virtual space. So by 3D scanning the objects in the same environment as the live action scenes we wanted to bend the boundary of real and virtual products.

Tools, process & behind the scenes.

Creative / Production, 3D Scans – Epitome @thisisepitome
Director, Producer – Marcel Swanepoel @thefakemarcel
Editor, Animator – Renico van Wyk @renicovanwyk
DOP – Jonathan Piercy @jonathan_david_piercy
Photographer – Aidan Tobias @aidantobias
Milliner, Stylist – Crystal Birch @therealcrystalbirch
Make-up and Hair – Amori Birch @amoribirch
Music – Simon Ringrose @sibot_

Yoyo Bonya @yourgirlyoyo_
Amber Isabelle @volumetwospace

Special thanks
The Studio @thestudiocpt
My Friend Ned @myfriendned
Zootee Studios @zootee_studios
Pichulik @pichulikafrica
Ross and Brown

Thank you.

Crystal Birch - CBII


Crystal Birch - CBII