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Two Frontiers : Act One ~ Inception
Print Size: 21" x 37"
Production Dates 1-14-14 / 2-10-14

I have always been fascinated by schools of tradition. The willingness of others to follow a path defined in techniques and imagery by others and the relationship between creators / viewers necessary for this to occur. Schools of style have a uniquely damning effect they almost guaranteeing anonymity which is fortunate for me since my approach to art relies on an endless sea of unrecognized art to appropriate and manipulated. 

My recent series focuses on the American frontier genre. It is populated with competent painters but devoid of superstars, a perfect donor bank to work draw from. There have been some changes in my methods. I have stopped using predefined sets of images to build from, instead I allow the work to determine what was needed as it evolves. This was the exact opposite of my previous approach.


-----------------------------------------   Two Frontiers Compendium  -----------------------------------------
Then Came The Monkey    |     About A Horse     |     Inception 
Unfinished Version Five - Showing the entire format
Unfinished Version 5 - Cowboy Detail
This area is close to its final state
Two Frontiers : Act One ~ Inception