​​​​​​​An all-out celebration of LGBT+ diversity and cinema! A hardcover book with reinterpretations of mainstream films.
Forewords by Valeria Vegas and Peaches Christ.
I am very proud to have had the opportunity to create and organise the publication of this book. Working with over 50 artists from around the world has been a gift. The original idea turned into a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
​​​​​​​ARTISTS in this book

2001: What an odyssey by Genie Espinosa
A clockwork orange by Nazareth Dos Santos
Amelie by Daniel Cepas
American Beauty by Mavekk
Beetlejuice! by Joaquim Sicart
Black Swan by Fepe Camargo
Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Yohann Antoine
Capitán América: The Winter boyfriend by Javicuellarart
Chicago by Adolph Soliz Jr.
Cleopatra by Lymona Galiano
Creature from the Queer Lagoon by El Chico Maravilla
Dirty Drag King by Quino Coloma
Donnie Darko by Malorde
Dr. Who come out of Tardis by Sebas Martín
Dracula by Latte Galaxy
Drag Max by Carlos Morilla
Edward Scissorhands by Guillermo Saavedra
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Sebastián Sastre
Faster make-up, kill kill! by Alejandro Del Río Luque
Frank and the color of fire by Bran Sólo
Gaylien by David Pavón
Haus of Addams by Tato Prado
Haus of Mononoke by Vio Rodrigo
Hellboy by Daisukebear
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by AdultJunkDrawer
Jumanji by Efe Suárez
Jurassic Pride by Jotaká
L’Empire des senses by Noxsatvrn
La pianiste by Cynthia Veneno
LadyHawke by Ake
Little Mermaid by Zachary is Wackary
Mean Gays by Fabrissou
Metropolis by Ego Rodriguez
Neverending Story by GuFiArt
Night of the living drag by Wendy Montasell
Not Bill by Manuel Molvar
Pretty Drag by Artedgar
Pride and pre-pride by Albert Victoria
Prince Mononoke by Renyl
PUSS Fiction by Miriam Jordán
Queersferatu by Adrian Horihoro
Snow White by Beñat Olea
Strass Wars by Iván García
Sunset Bouledrag by Diego Rambova
Suspiria by Garry Muska
T for Tea by Narciso di fuoco
The Godmother by Jose Padilla
The good, the bad and the drag by Atomique Acorn
The shape of water by Roko
The Shinning by Martín Badia
The things by Queerrilla
The VVITCH by Quentin X
The wizard of OZ by Juan Bustos
The XYX files by Sophia Tonegawa
Twink Peaks by DEHEM
LGBT+films book


LGBT+films book