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ShhFilmFestival - Visual Identity

It is an "Almost Silent Movies" festival. A festival in Barcelona where we would screen old silent movies (Metropolis, Modern Times, Nosferatu,...) and also modern movies with barely any dialogues (A Ghost Story, Elephant,...). We called it the ShhFilmFestival.

We decided for our Graphic System to represent the "GROWTH" of cinema. From the first silent movies until the modern movies that we can see today.
We will represent Growth in different ways.
First, with Typography where the words and sentences are building letter after letter.
Then, the images. Representing the growth aspect in different ways.
1) By stretching the images to make it grow.
2) By telling a story where the story is building step by step.
3) By showing frame after frame of the movie.
All of these in the same "diagonal" layout to have consistency throughout the brand.

Thank you.
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ShhFilmFestival - Visual Identity

ShhFilmFestival - Visual Identity

Graphic system for an Almost Silent Movie Festival.