Black & White Set 1
Its a Hand-made Canvas painting
Canvas painting portraing the actual picture of a Tree in the 'Winter'.
Canvas Painting: Silence
Its a hand-made Bookmark which talks about the Common man who is unarmed against the Govt. Who is watching & waiting for his turn.
Its a hand-made bookmark which is trying to show us the future where birds no longer will be left in the sky to fly high.
Where birds will be seen at the museums & technology would be that flying Anchor which will kill them.
Shape of a Tree but characters of a Women.
Women, who gives birth to a fruitfull life, nurtures, protects and stands for it whenver needed; which we destroy & kill after we dont find a purpose to utilize it further.
Dedicated to the 2 Most Beautiful things in the World.

Boyfriend's sincere confession after his Break-up

Its nothing new,
she expected more,
on a weekend,
she left me saying,
you are MEAN.

Even 3 unbiased coins too give us ''8 Results'', unlike our taxes which we pay.
The common man is being sucked till death, just like what has happened to the tree above from the ignoring environment.
An environment filled with hatred, ignorance, anger, violence.
The Bird Eye still looks for the beautiful Blue Sky.
Save Birds.
The two face Mickey Mouse
The Black Leaf Bookmark.
This time isn't far away when people will be just able to save some ancient shedded tree leaves as a souvenir.
This Religious Panther is harmless.
The Simpsons Bookmark
Canvas painting of the Rough Butler
Black & White Set 1

Black & White Set 1

Black is still the most beautiful color which describes & enhances any painting to its best.