14 Years / 41 Logos
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A selection of 41 logos from the last 14 years.
14 Years / 41 Logos
Although Mash Creative has only been a studio since 2009, I have worked as a Graphic Designer for over 14 years. For the first time ever I have collated 41 logos from the last 14 years. All logos have been shown in their most basic state - Black & White.

When designing logos I always try to adhere to a particular set of rules - they are as follows:

1. Less is more - Some of the most recosgnised brands in the world use a simple marque or logo type - think how simple the Nike tick/Swoosh is.

2. If in doubt - simplify! (see rule No.1) Strip away anything that may make the logo look fussy or overly complicated.

3. Will the logo remain timeless. A good logo for me should remain timeless, it is all to easy to design to a trend but a logo should have longevity.

4. Scalability - Consider how the logo will look small (on a website for example) and large.

5. If it works in black it should work in any colour.

I hope you enjoy!

Cheers, Mark Bloom (Mash Creative)