GreenRTech is a modern, technologically advanced solution for recycling and waste disposal complex.

GreenRTech’s mission is minimizing the excess by decreasing unnecessary energy consumption, waste, and damage to the environment. This message is embodied in the brand identity: we strived to limit unnecessary design elements while focusing on the core components.  

We started by analyzing the brand: determining its goals and objectives, outlining its assets and characteristics. Based on this analysis, we assessed the target audience and created a consumer profile, which became the basis for the visual concept. We developed a logo, selected a font and a color palette, created layouts for identity carriers and designed various printed materials for brand communication with customers.

Brand mark and logo
The brand mark concept is inspired by the reactor body structure which is the main technology used at GreenRTech. Spirals make the design dynamic, bring it to life, while also alluding to natural forms. The brand mark is used in the brand identity both as part of the logo and as an independent symbol on posters and flags.

When developing the brand identity, we place great emphasis on the message we convey to consumers. Slogans embody the main ideas behind GreenRTech, communicate the company’s position, and relay its benefits. We offer a set of slogans that can be used in various forms of media.

 The poster block system produces an unlimited number of possible composition variations. These posters can be used on advertising billboards, at outdoor events, and exhibitions. Their main elements include photos, corporate colors, and concise typography. The presented variability provides an opportunity to create plenty of different combinations and new blocks.


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