Yandex Academy Brand Identity
“Academy” is an IT educational platform by Yandex that includes seasonal schools, lyceum, partnership programs with universities, School of Data Analysis, courses, intensives, and olympiads for schoolchildren, students, and novice IT specialists.

Yandex Academy's brand identity is shaped by the “Life is a hackathon” concept — moving from project to project, students constantly improve their knowledge. Being in a flow state, they are more focused on discovering new stuff than obsessed with achieving measurable goals.

The design system embodies this idea in a set of volumetric spheres or universes, into which the small red ball is inscribed — it wanders through them. While the ball overcomes new obstacles, it transforms the inner structure of spheres.

This ball is, at the same time, the sign of Yandex Academy. Together with the wordmark, the typography set, which includes Yacademy custom font and Styrene typeface, corporate color palette, and graphics, the ball shapes a universal visual language that signifies programs for different audiences, partner projects, and collaborations.

#shukadesign                    2021​​​​​​​
creative strategy director → anastasia butrym
creative director → ivan velichko
art director → dasha zudina
designer → varvara goncharova
designer → dmitry kozlyaev
designer → evgeny drozhzhev
designer → konstantin frolov
designer →​​​​​​​ dina isayeva
lead motion designer → dmitry kozlyaev
motion designer → daniil svetlov, anton gremyakov
sound designer → alexander maslyuk
project manager → anna eremina
content director → vasily kolesnik
producer → kate shcherbakova

head of marketing → elena toropina
head of design and creative producer → katerina lekhavicius
lead designer  natalia terekhova
product manager → svetlana bochaver
project manager → stanislava galkina​​​​​​​

designed by shuka ®
© all rights reserved
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Yandex Academy Brand Identity