Portfolio Review Week would not have been possible without the hard work of hundreds of volunteer Behance review hosts-- some of whom have designed their own promotional materials through the years. This collection showcases some of the most creative examples from our hosts. 
Poster designed by Felipe Cruz (behance.net/felipecruz) Full project for this poster here
Poster designed by https://www.behance.net/pellisco. Full Portfolio Review Project here.
Poster design by Zaki Abdoulemin ( behance.net/creatiflux). Other Portfolio Review poster designs can be found here
Poster designed by Tarik Raiss (behance.net/tarik_raiss). Full project for the event can be found here
Designed by Lukasz KuIakowski (behance.net/emptypagestudio). Portfolio Review Event hosted by Peter Donnelly (https://www.behance.net/donnellyillustration) and Steve Simpson (behance.net/stevesimpson), and Lukasz Kulakowski. A Behance Project for the full Portfolio Review here
Portfolio Review poster designed by Lucas Campoi (behance.net/campoilucas).A full Behance Project for another Portfolio Review hosted by the same team can be found here
Poster design by Migeul Viega (behance.net/accent), designed in conjunction with Javier Iniguez & Christopher Leon. 
Portfolio Review hosted by Carlo Giovani (be.net/giubalanka) , Cristiano Siqueira (be.net/CrisVector), Felipe Luchi (be.net/felipeluchi) , Manuel Nogueira, and Alex Heilmar. Poster designed by Carlos Siquiera.