Client Tattoo - Jarvso, Sweden
I was asked by the super kind and extremely badass Lars to help him create a tattoo dedicated to his home town in Sweden, Järvsö. It's always been his playground that's provided the space to learn to drive things fast and still leaves him with plenty of room to do it even faster today. It's his home.
When Lars came to me he was very open to my interpretation of his story. We went over a big list of his favorite traits of Jarvso and just started with any idea possible and narrowed it down. I read that Jarvso is home to the ski slope, Järvsöbacken - which is frequently visited in both summer and winter. So I decided to make that the primary bit, bending weather to make it both skiiable and bikeable in at the same time!
The Jarvso church is another staple to the town, it stands gigantic and proud overlooking the river that passes through the land. But as Lars told me, in sweden, 'god is dead' so upsidedown the cross went.
Below are some focused shots of the elements that make up the peice, along with a lot of unused props that just got revisited, fixed, or scraped. I thought i'd show them to you guys to see some of the creative process it goes through before final.
Him and his homies the tattoo is part dedicated to
Custom monoweight type
Early comps and pieces
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